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Just In Time For The Holidays

New Cover

We are very excited to announce that the first book in the Roy Winklesteen series has a new cover. We hope you like it and welcome any feedback.

Click here for more information about where to purchase the updated version of the book.

Please keep in mind that some retail websites may not have an updated image of the new cover. However, all shipments of new books will display the new version.

See the old version below:


Purchase Locally

THE BORING DAYS AND AWESOME NIGHTS OF ROY WINKLESTEEN is now available for purchase at a great indie bookstore in Charlotte, NC. Thank you Park Road Books for supporting local and indie authors!

Summer Camp 2018 and Roy Winklesteen

Over 50 rising 4th, 5th and 6th graders, attending the Terrific Scientific Quadcopter Aerial Robotics summer camp at the British International School and Camp Invention at Elizabeth Lane Elementary School, in Charlotte, NC were each given a copy of THE BORING DAYS AND AWESOME NIGHTS OF ROY WINKLESTEEN. We hope they are enjoying spending their nights with Roy. Happy reading!


“The author writes very descriptively and with a lot of fun energy, so we are never bored–very important for this age range. This book is geared toward younger readers, but I think it is written strongly enough to have a wider crossover appeal.”  Laura Clarke, IBR

“. . . utterly charming story, one which I would have no hesitation having my children read. It is a “clean” Middle Grade/YA action/adventure suitable for most ages, but it is definitely geared toward the younger crowd who will flock to this adventure that is as clever as it is funny. Sally Dill has a great way of writing in a believable manner with a voice that is convincing for the age group. It has a solid universal message that everyone can understand and appreciate, and it is a lot of fun to read.” Steph Coleman, IBR

“I loved the characters and the energy Ms. Dill uses. Solid and consistent world building throughout, which is really important for creating a believable story, especially if it has any ‘fantastical’ (or unusual) elements.” Jenna Brewster, IBR

“. . . a fun, enchanting story you just want to dive into and stay lost in . . . it’s been a while since I’ve read something with such appeal that didn’t feel super cliché or something I’ve read a dozen times before. So rare in this genre! Sally Dill does a good job of balancing an imaginative and complex storyline that isn’t confusing or frustrating or overwhelming–especially for younger readers–but is just complex enough to keep us totally hooked!” Claire Middleton, IBR

The Boring Days and Awesome Nights of Roy Winklesteen gets a great review!

“The Boring Days and Awesome Nights of Roy Winklesteen mixes fun with adventure and mystery. Roy and Bart have a soulful connection . . . The book shows how friends can be of any age. I hope that Roy will continue having more adventures.”

— Zayd, Age 10, Kids’ BookBuzz