adventure 3

The Boring Days and Awesome Nights of Roy Winklesteen – Adventure 3

Middle Grade | Action and Adventure


If only all secrets were this unbelievable.

BART HAS RETURNED, and Roy couldn’t be happier. Did he have another genius invention to share? Is he moving back to the neighborhood so that the two of them can become the ultimate crime-fighting team?

Well . . . not exactly.

Instead, an evil couple from Bart’s past has slithered into town with nothing but thieving intentions. Not to worry, though, Bart has a top-secret plan for getting rid of them for good. In fact, it’s so secretive that he insists on revealing it one confusing step at a time. But as his strategy unfolds, a disastrous twist of events leaves Roy panicked over what to do next. Turning to friends, Suki and Nicholas, for help, the newly-formed team concocts their own plan, gathers up all their mind-blowing spy gear, and sneaks out into the dead of night.

Will their mission be successful? Or will Roy’s attempt at being a hero only prove what he has always feared—that he will never be as interesting and brave as those around him.


“This third book of the Boring Days and Awesome Nights of Roy Winklesteen series is jam-packed with silly inventions, loyal friends, and wacky enemies . . . a great bedtime book to read with your children as well as a great book for middle schoolers to read undercovers with a flashlight. I encourage all readers, young and old, to embrace the nightlifer sense of adventure.”  Indenpendent Book Review

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